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Special products

Waterproofer Silicone Coating

[Chemical Products] Silomal
Solution in mineral ragia of siloxanes chemically stable to alkalinity: they make the treated surfaces be water repellent. It does not form a film and for this reason it protects walls from humidity and lets them transpire without changing their aspect ...

Matt Waterbased Wall Paint For Internal Use

[Chemical Products] Thermocasa
Matt paint, sound absorbent, with thermal insulation and anti-condensation properties; it is suitable for an internal use. It is made of acrylic resins in a watery emulsion and special hollow microspheres. For this reason, Gradiente is the paint ideal on ...

Waterbased Dispehersion Anti-mould

[Chemical Products] B1
Aqueous solution of fungicidal agent selected for its wide range of action against different types of mould and for its extremely low toxicity level. After application, this product does not leave unpleasant residual odours.

Matt Waterbased Wall Paint For Internal And External Use

[Chemical Products] Murimal
Paint for interiors formulated with water-based emulsion resins, possesses superb filling and covering properties, good coverage and brushability. Thanks to these characteristics a smooth, even and soft finish is easily obtained.Idron Super has a higher ...


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